Services Include: 
Artist Development
With careful discussion and consultation, Illadel All-Stars can help elevate any Artist’s career to the next level. Let us:
Assist with securing performance opportunities
Create and/or enhance your Media Plan (video, photos, text, web design, logo design, online persona…)
Structure your Marketing/Business plans through our expansive network of industry professionals
Provide a vast network of studios and professional engineers to record any size project Music Production
With tasteful songwriting, detailed arrangements, and commercial production, our Artists’ expectations of success are met. There are many ways to succeed in the record-making process; Illadel uses that unique knowledge to help clients easily move from the conceptual realm to the tangible.
Song/ Track Writing
Arranging for vocals, rhythm section, strings, and horns
Acquisition of session players or guest Artists
Leading Artists through the sequential process of recording
Provide studio resources which are second to none.
Producing projects from a Single to an LP Project Management
The studio can sometimes be an overwhelming environment without a clear idea of how to manage one’s time and resources. By delegating management responsibilities, the Artists’ focus can remain where it should…on being musical and creative. Allow us to help with:
Preparation of contracts for all works-for-hires
Legal review of relevant documentations
Studio selection
Managing song development to assure time in the studio is spent wisely
Scheduling studio time, selecting session musicians, engineer, and any additional professional as needed; i.e. photographer, videographer, image consultant, marketing specialist Studio and Live Performance
Whether it be in the studio or on the stage, Illadel All-Stars is dedicated to creating an Artistic legacy and immortalizing our Artists. Contingent on availability, members and affiliates of Illadel All-Stars are available for…
Studio session recording
Rehearsals and sectionals for live or studio performance
Live performance Music Education
Cultivating the next generation of Artists, entertainers, performers, songwriters, producers, arrangers, and brilliant thinkers. We are now on the cutting edge of this sector of the industry as well. We strive to keep all the sound tenants of traditional music education, while augmenting them with skill sets relevant in this century. We offer:
Collaboration in developing music production curriculums on the College level
A State of the Art Recording Studio environment in which to learn
A clear vision of how to achieve Artistic and Commercial relevance in this century Networking Consultants
It is important not only to identify one’s skills, but also to recognize one’s limitations. We recognize that one man can not be all things; so we offer outsourcing of a variety of services to other professionals we know and trust. Illadel All-Stars has spent years networking to establish a multitude of relationships with other entities who can help us with:
Image Consultancy
Legal Services
Publicity and Marketing
Graphic Design
General to highly specialized insurance policies