W E W R I C H M O N D . O R G

The organization was founded on Galanda’s strong belief that the potential for greatness exists within each of us and in many cases life’s circumstances and/or people can adversely taint our dreams and stunt the development of our talents. In doing so, we become like diamonds in the rough, “One having exceptional qualities or potential, but lacking refinement or polish.” It is from this ideology Women Empowering Women – Diamonds In The Rough was born.


Women Empowering Women

Diamonds In The Rough was formed November 14, 2009 in Richmond, Virginia. Galanda Simmons, is the founder and CEO of WEW-Diamonds In The Rough. Deshell Edwards was appointed Vice President. The other original officer is Crystal Manley who assumed the role as secretary.

Galanda introduced her idea for an organization to a group of friends through an informal group meeting. The meeting revealed there was an enthusiastic interest and need for an empowerment organization for women.